20th Anniversary of MENBO! More info here.

21st EURO-INBO International Conference


October 16, 2023

The 21st International Conference Euro-INBO will take place in Valencia, Spain, from 16th to 19th of October 2023, at the invitation of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge and the Júcar River Basin Authority.

On the same occasion, MENBO will celebrate its 12th General Assembly.

The Conference will be held at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

It is to be highlighted that this 21st meeting will commemorate both the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Euro-INBO group and the 20th Anniversary of the foundation of the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations (MENBO).

Moreover, during the closing ceremony, the Group Presidency will be passed on from France (2022-2023) to Spain.

Since its creation, in 2003, Euro-INBO has been holding annual meetings dedicated to discussions among river basin organisations from Europe and beyond, on issues related to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and connected directives.

The Programme of this Conference is made up of several working sessions that will address the following topics.

  1. Water and Agriculture: control of diffused pollution.
  2. New challenges for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in relation to other European water directives.
  3. Integration of reuse to face droughts and water scarcity.
  4. The role of the different actors involved in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.
  5. International and transboundary cooperation.

Alongside these topics, a workshop on river management in the context of climate change is planned on 18th October.

INBO is the International Network of Basin Organisations, and the MENBO (Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations), was set up as INBO’s regional network for the Mediterranean, with the common aim of promoting Integrated Water Resources Management at basin level. MENBO has the Permanent Technical Secretariat housed at the Júcar River Basin Authority.