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MENBO is a Regional Network that promotes an integrated water resources management at the river basin level, as an essential tool for sustainable development. It is a regional network inside INBO (International Network of Basin Organisations). MENBO seeks to improve relationships among organisations in charge of water management in the Mediterranean region.

The Regional Network was established in 2003 and is currently adding international members from the Mediterranean region. We hope this Network will grow stronger with the support and collaboration from most of the Mediterranean countries that deal with river basin management.

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ANNOUNCEMENT WSWM 5+5 (2021-03-30)

Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) Initiative on Non-conventional Water in Agriculture (IMENCO) - Ministerial Declaration

On the occasion of the celebration of the World Water Day on 22 March, the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) launched the Maghreb Non-Conventional Water Initiative (IMENCO) in order to address water scarcity in the Maghreb region.

Such Initiative will make it possible to "strengthen Maghreb cooperation in this field through the establishment of a Maghreb collaborative platform to capitalize on the experiences of the last decades to promote exchanges of good practices and the sharing of knowledge and research results”.

The initiative was launched in the framework of the High Level Maghreb Policy Dialogue, organised by the AMU in collaboration with the FAO Office for North Africa, which presented the visions, strategic orientations and approaches adopted for the use of the potential of the so-called non-conventional water resources.

Following the high-level dialogue, participants adopted a joint Ministerial Declaration of cooperation that reaffirms the countries' support to the IMENCO Initiative.

The MENBO Secretariat welcomes the Initiative and underlines the prominent place reserved to the development of non-conventional resources in the framework of the 5+5 Water Strategy in the Western Mediterranean (WSWM), being part of its key priorities and appearing in its Action Plan, which already directs towards the main concerns on the subject.

Please find hereby the AMU Ministerial Declaration in French, Arabic and English.

See this announcement in French in the 5+5 Water Strategy for the Western Mediterranean section


On behalf of the Permanent Technical Secretary of MENBO, Mr Miguel Polo, we have the pleasure to announce here the celebration, last 5th March 2021, of the 95th Anniversary of the creation of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation, the first hydrographic confederation created in the world whose operation is based on two fundamental principles: basin management and public participation.

We believe that this is a reason for satisfaction for us all, and in particular for our Network, which has, as its main objective, the promotion of integrated management of water resources at the basin level, and gathering together all basin organisations in the Mediterranean.

To commemorate the event, a VIDEO was produced, which you can watch HERE.

You can read a brief article about it in English, French or Spanish.


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5+5 Water Strategy for the Western Mediterranean

This strategy harmonises water policies in the Mediterranean promoting sustainable water use at local, regional and national levels, through the adoption of cross-cutting goals, management criteria and operational objectives. It may constitute a tool of preventive diplomacy, contributing to maintaining international peace and security by facilitating international cooperation on water issues.

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